Ending Excel Hell for Hotel Bookings for Business  – a case study with KN Networks

[fa icon="calendar'] 02-Nov-2018 11:09:04 / by Michael Steele posted in Case Study, resources

When you book hotels for business, do you find yourself jumping through these hoops...

Do you...

  • Visit the hotel’s website or pick up the phone to dial through to reservations?
  • Pass on credit card details through email or over the phone?
  • Fill up online forms, printing off reservations or emailing them to colleagues?
  • Open various packages of Microsoft Office to record and update the prices, dates, details, departmental codes and all the other fields.
  • Cross referencing travel policy docs to make sure everything is above board and under expense limits.
  • End up in Excel ‘Hell’ pulling together printouts to present to management. 

Or do you just log on to Roomex.com and let them do it all for you?


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